NBA YoungBoy Defend Kanye

NBA YoungBoy Defends Kanye West “You Strong”

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Love it or loath it, Kanye West is getting charged up by fellow rappers and supporters. A few days ago we reported what The Game has for Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic comments. Today NBA YoungBoy unveiled his support for Kanye West through his new rap song ‘This Not A Song, This For My supports.’

Obviously NBA YoungBoy is a rapper who gives his support to anyone he respects so much. Of course, YE is a rapper NBA Y will always say something good about. If you haven’t seen the ‘still flexin’ rapper talk about the ex-billionaire rapper, then his new song is doing so.

Last month NBA YoungBoy announced the release of his new album titled Black. Though the project is currently in the studio. Meanwhile, Black has been scheduled to hit streaming by January 2023. But before the album come he has shared g ‘This Not A Song, This For My supports’ song.

Listening to the song below, you will hear NBA YoungBoy raps on behalf of Kanye West who has been so controversial since this year. Just as he normally does, the song was uploaded to his youtube account. Check out the lyrics.

“And, it hurt my heart that Kanye let them people break his soul
How the f— that go? N—-, stay in yo’ home!
N—-, hold your ground! You strong!”

NBA YoungBoy just defend Kanye West via the song. It’s an unregular song paying homage to his supporters, Kanye West is one of them. So, who next going to back Kanye West. The Game called YE his Dog just to show support after he was asked about Kanye West’s controversial remarks. Akon also talked about Kanye West on Sky News interview.

Rappers Who Don’t Thinks Kanye West is Crazy

Well, many of them don’t accept Kanye West’s social media comments. Meek Mill, J. Cole, 50 Cent, Young Jac, Kodak Black, Pusha T and more have reacted to Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks. Apart from the names mentioned album, Donald Trump has also said Kanye West is crazy, and needs help. Elon Musk recently suspended Kanye West Twitter account for violating the rule.

NBA YoungBoy is the latest rapper to defend Kanye West, asked him to stay strong.