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NBA YoungBoy Announces 2023 “Black” Album

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Just to remind you that NBA YoungBoy has no ending business with rap. After countless new albums, mixtapes and singles released in 2022, the “Hi Hater” rapper is already busy for 2023. NBA YoungBoy Black album is dropping soon.

The rapper who just finished his deal with Atlanta Records will continue his rap journey with his new album. YoungBoy once said that he will start dropping new albums for his newly signed record label in 2023.

However, he is maintaining his word. But as for NBA still has more to offer this year despite his joint album with Quando Rondo. The joint project 3860 was released a few days ago. Though he never wanted that to happen.

As for NBA YoungBoy Black album which he announced lately, he said it will be dropping in 2023. According to what he shared on his Instagram account, he just said next year and didn’t mention any exact date. You can watch the video below.

“My next album named “Black” dropping this January just wait and hate until. If you just listen to what I’m saying you a hear I ain’t promoting violence stupid fuck it’s either you gone follow or stay tf out my way.”

Obviously, he has tried this year by giving his fans, albums like, 3860, MA’ I GOT A FAMIL, 3800 Degrees, Realer 2, The Last Slimeto, Better Than You and more.

The rapper might not be one of the most featured rappers in 2022, but he has his albums keep him on top as the second most streamed rapper in the U.S just after Drake. His fans are happier but guess what, 2023 will be more explosive of NBA YoungBoy.

Meanwhile, the Black album which he announced will be his fresh 2023 album for us to stream. Stay tuned for more updates.