NBA YoungBoy: I won’t Accept Tour Offers Anymore.
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NBA YoungBoy on Wednesday (November 23) took to his Instagram page to declare that he doesn’t have any interest in accepting any tour offer ” I won’t accept any tour Offer, even if there’s $15 million on the table.”

This statement from the rapper came as a very big surprise to a lot of people and so many questions on why he is talking such decision have been coming up in his comment section which he has clear the air for them.

Meanwhile NBA YoungBoy narrated that his reason is mainly because of the kind of bond he has built with his daughter lately and he can’t risk it on going on a road for a tour again.

Also the Baton rouge Rapper reviewed that to much of tours and shows has made him not to have time for himself and family and for that reason, he has plans on how to live his life now, and leaving everything about going on a tour is also inclusive on his plans.

“I done found time for myself,” he said. “Every $15 million tour come my way getting turned down. I don’t wanna do another show. I don’t want nothing but a bigger house. It gave me time for myself. My daughter know who I am – I know who I am”

Meanwhile according to records, the rapper has been on a house arrest for over a year now following his prison release on October 2021 and looking at things right now, It seems that was a great opportunity for him to find out the other pert of life he is missing all along.

NBA YoungBoy is actually taking this decision without even minding that he already has a tour plan which he reviewed in July and his His manager, Alex Junnier confirmed it.