New Song By Don Toliver 'Attitude' ft.Cash Cobain & Charlie Wilson

New Song By Don Toliver ‘Attitude’ ft.Cash Cobain & Charlie Wilson

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A New song by Don Toliver titled ‘Attitude‘ showcases a collaboration with Cash Cobain and Charlie Wilson.

Also, This latest track from Toliver’s upcoming album “Hardstone Psycho”. Features a distinctive beat crafted by the rising producer Cash Cobain.

Moreover, The song also incorporates a nostalgic vocal sample from…

Snoop Dogg, Pharrell. And also Wilson’s 2002 hit “Beautiful”. Which in turn blends classic elements with contemporary sounds.

However, The new song by Don Toliver which is titled ‘Attitude’ is accompanied by a visually stunning video.

In this video, Toliver continues the biker and leather jacket theme which has been seen in his previous releases…

Deep in the Water“. And also “Bandit“.

Adding to the excitement. The clip also includes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from Travis Scott, Toliver’s Cactus Jack boss.

Additionally, Toliver’s announcement that “Hardstone Psycho”. Will be released on June 14. Further heightens the anticipation surrounding his new song by Don Toliver.

This album promises to be a significant milestone in Toliver’s career. As he keeps building on the success he has achieved so far.

Furthermore, The new song by Don Toliver serves as a perfect teaser for what fans can expect from the upcoming album.

This year has been particularly eventful for Don Toliver, not just professionally but personally as well.

In March, Toliver became a father for the first time, welcoming a baby boy with his singer girlfriend, Kali Uchis.

The couple, who started dating in the summer of 2021, shared their joy on Instagram with a heartfelt post featuring their newborn.

Their message read…

“You are everything we could have hoped for & more. Thank you God for our beautiful healthy baby boy, & thank you all for the Good energy along the way. May our home & your homes forever be blessed with peace, happiness & health”.

This touching note added an intimate dimension to Toliver’s public persona, coinciding with the release of his new song by Don Toliver.

Before their son’s birth, Toliver and Uchis had posted a heartwarming video montage on social media. This compilation included snippets of them as children and clips showing Uchis’ baby bump.

One memorable scene showed Toliver lovingly caressing Uchis’ belly and dancing with her, highlighting the couple’s deep bond.

Toliver captioned the post…

“Starting our family [bandaged-heart emoji] don’t take too long to get here little pooks, mom & dad can’t wait to share our life with you”.

The collaboration on the new song by Don Toliver marks a significant achievement in his music career.

Partnering with industry icons like Cash Cobain and Charlie Wilson, Toliver delivers a track that is both innovative and rooted in musical tradition.

The synergy between these artists on the new song by Don Toliver creates a fresh and engaging listening experience that fans are sure to love.

In conclusion, Don Toliver’s new song is more than just a musical release, it represents a pivotal moment in his life and career.

With the support of Cash Cobain and Charlie Wilson, and the joy of welcoming his first child, Toliver is set for a remarkable journey ahead.

Fans eagerly await the release of “Hardstone Psycho” on June 14, ready to immerse themselves in the new sounds and stories Toliver has crafted.

This new song ‘Attitude’ by Don Toliver stands as a testament to his evolving artistry and personal growth.

As he navigates the complexities of fatherhood and continues to push musical boundaries, Toliver’s latest work promises to resonate deeply with listeners and leave a lasting impact on the music industry.