Donald Trump Says Kanye West Is Acting “Crazy” & Needs “Help”

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Some of these statements at Kanye West disposal wasn’t right to most folks. Like saying stuff that gotten social media talk from different angles.

His “White Live Matters Controversy” comment gotten Meek Mill lashing him some words yet again YE dropped another expensive comment but this time he talked about George Floyd’s death.

During his appearance on Drink Champ interview lately, he said Drake Drake slept with Kris Jenner, claimed that George Floyd died from fentanyl and called Meek Mill a “fed” which we updated previously.

But how did Kanye West to this drama? Well, was quite a supportive fan of Donald Trump while he was in office. Although he’s said some things like believing he’d be a better President that Trump, he has indeed seemed like an ally of the former President. Unfortunately for Ye though, it doesn’t seem like Trump has the same idea.

Rolling Stone reports that Donald Trump has said that Ye is acting too “crazy” and needs professional “help”. He believes the rapper should keep quiet for now. This all happened minute after Ye’s interview with Tucker Carlson too, so who knows what he thinks now.

Kanye West meltdown keep going the a different height and Trump noticed it and has shared his view. People were more surprise about Donald Trump who used to say “a friend of mine for a long time.” But now Kanye West is acting too ‘crazy’ and needs ‘help,’ Donald Trump confirmed.