Young Joc: Kanye West is Just Being Confused.

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Young Joc has taken out time in interview with Vlad TV to speak about Kanye West’s recent Behavior which includes running for pregnancy.

According to the rapper while speaking with the Vlad Tv, he noted that Kanye west is just Confuse at the Mom and doesn’t know anything else to do with himself.

In the Interview, Young Joc didn’t only speak about the fact that Kanye west is running for US Presidential seat, but he also spoke about some other disgusting manners that he has been showing off lately.

Meanwhile, a lot of people has find sense in Joc’s view on the recent behaviors from Kanye west lately which he simply stated that “Ye’s confused”

Starting from the statement that he made concerning Judge Floyd death where he stated that “George Floyd’s death being cause by a drug overdose,” this statement actually impacted the black community so negatively.

Young Joc further that Kanye West Confusion do not only affects his followers but it obviously affects him too, “Ye has confused not only his core fan base, but also himself”

Young Joc noted that some of these state that ye made online might be the fact but the only issue he has is not being able to find enough words to express his opinion.

He pointed at the one he said about “the level of influence Jewish owners may have over the media” according to Joc “I’m not saying anything bad about it, Shit, if it’s more Jews that own the media, then that’s what the fuck it is. But in saying that, you gotta be aware that they control it. So if you go against it, what do you think is gonna happen? They just gonna freely put your word out there in the streets?” He said.