Jeezy one time

Watch Jeezy “One Time” with Icewear Video

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But Jeezy 2022 has been quite interesting with new music features. For the past few months he has appeard on new songs that feature both videos. Jeezy One Time video is a song from Icewear Vezzo.

One Time Video is more of a Jeezy 2022 music video you can watch. The Diesel Films-directed video comes from the upcoming Gangsta Grillz project. No official date has been disclosed yet though keeping in with the new songs and videos is amazing.

Having joined DJ Drama on SNO FALL album back in October, he then drop Put The Minks Down video. It is one of the songs on the album.

Watch Jeezy and Icewear Vezzo music video below.

Other Jeezy videos you can watch include MJ Jeezy, King’s Crown, ‘I Never Felt Nun’ from EST Gee. J has had a good 2022 already both in features and being album to drop new album with DJ Drama.

Meanwhile, Jeezy might give another new song or new music video from SNO FALL album later this year. If not the 2Pac influenced rapper will resume this rap front by next year 2023. Stay tuned for more Jeezy news, songs, album and videos updates this season or next spring.