Ice Spice Buys $100,000 Chain For Herself

Ice Spice Buys Herself $100k Chain Showing her face

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Ice Spice is Doing Big things and she’s so much proud of herself. The Gangsta Boo Co rapper is making sure this January fits her and to even have the best of January, she has bought what is likely to be called an expensive chain worth $100000.

Well, it’s good news because she is able to purchase such an expensive chain. This is coming just after she released her Lil Tjay assisted album Like.

Ice Spice is also one of these artists who has purchased an expensive chain after releasing a new project. Just like Drake’s Pharrell Williams expensive jewelry.

Ice Spice chain was customized by Benny Da Jeweler who officially shared his delivery work on his Instagram account yesterday. He also mentioned the price of the chain as $100000. It was customized with Ice Spice face and beautified with shining stars.

“TOLD PRINCESS DIANA WE DOIN $100K FOR THE CHAIN!!! @icespicee WHAT THEY GON TELL US!!!” Benny captioned the video clip.

In a follow-up post, he shared a close-up view of the piece and provided the fine details.

“CLOSE UP OF THE BIG @icespicee PIECE WITH THE AFRO IN ROSE GOLD 💎💎 OVER 80 CTS IN DIAMONDS!!” he explained in the caption.

Ice Spice 100k chain

Ice Spice is one of the female rappers expected to drop a new album this year. However, she made it earlier by dropping Like, an album featuring only 6 songs with one guest appearance. Ice Spice is doing big things and she’s let her female diva feel her new level though.

While other female artists like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Rihanna, and more are well-known as top-level celebrities, at least Ice Spice is gradually becoming a fixture in hip-hop. Below is the Ice Spice chain that worth $100k. See the Instagram post below.