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Beyoncé On Money, Charges Dubai Resort $24M For 1hr Performance

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Beyoncé on money, Charges Dubai Resort $24M for an upcoming performance. Now else what to talk about Cardi B’s 35 minutes $1 Millon performance? QUEEN B is back and she’s changing the narrative. Last was Cardi B who pulled attention on social media after she proved that she was paid $1 million just to perform for 35 minutes.

2023, a lot of rappers and singers will be cashing so easily and Beyoncé will always be one of them. As a billionaire wife, her worth can always bring huge money for her. Meanwhile, her upcoming performance has been scheduled after an agreement was reached with the sum of $24 million. This is another big achievement we have seen thus year.

You all should remember that Beyoncé will be hitting her RENAISSANCE this year. You can check out more information about it. But before the tour will happen, Jay-Z’s wife will make at least $24 million for a 1hr long performance, at Dubai Resort.

The news first surfaced online, noting that Bey will be performing at Atlantis The Royal resort in Dubai in an invite-only, private show, as reported by several sources. Some fans have already leaked alleged rehearsal footage. And the performance is happening this Weeknd.

Of Course, is an expensive performance and she really worth it. There is no secret that Beyonce won’t use her hit songs, No. Since it’s an exclusive show, then hot tracks like Crazy In Love, Naughty Girl, Dangerously In Love and other amazing songs are likely to be played. Also, Spirit fro The Lion King: The Gift will be available as well.

Bey is on money and will be getting more using this performance. Many events have wanted her to perform although. The interesting thing is that this is Beyoncé’s first-time performance since Beychella in 2018. So the rate has increased a lot there are shows out there that can drag her on.

Beyoncé performance is quite expensive these days. The show will be hitting up with British rapper Bree Runway, one of those invited to attend the lavish affair. The “PICK YOUR POISON” star shared footage on her Instagram story of the resort, captioned with “soooooo excited to indulge in this beautiful place and experience queen Beyoncé.”

Bey is doing great as a woman, as a super singer as an icon and more. Last year Beyoncé and Isley Brothers shared ‘MAKE ME SAY IT AGAIN, GIRL’. That was one of the songs Bey assisted in 2022. Beyoncé worth nothing but expensive just like Rihanna. Let us know what you think about Beyoncé Dubai Resort performance.