Cardi B Addresses Offset and Saweetie Cheating Rumour

Cardi B Addresses Offset and Saweetie Cheating Rumour

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Cardi B talks about offset and Saweetie relationship rumour during her latest interview on Jason Lee Show. While Cardi B abs her husband Offset have faced some serious issues in the past as regards their relationship. She doesn’t want to hear or entertain any rumour about Offset of course she won’t address it until she finds out the truth.

But many think Offset was cheating on her beautiful wife even during the time Migos were complete. At least many have known Quavo and Saweetie relationship status which didn’t work for them. While Kodak Black has also shared how Saweetie choose Quavo over him, he cried because Saweetie disappointed him. Watch the video below.

Saweetie is a female rapper whom some male rappers would love to date. Maybe she’s being very difficult. Offset and Saweetie was rumoured to have had sex in the past. Looks like a threat to Cardi B after the Internet carried the swirling heavily. Most folks claimed the 54321 is cheating. Though Cardi didn’t pay attention to the rumour because she wants to be sure.

The rumour escalate after late Takeoff and Quavo released Only Built For Infinity Links album. From the project, you get a song Messy where Quavo referenced some bars which are likely meant for Offset. At that moment Takeoff and Quavo were having some issues with Offset who wasn’t part of the album.

Messy is the last music video Takeoff and Quavo shot before Takeoff got killed. Lyrics from the song “Messy” caused internet sleuths to assume Quavo was talking about Offset. Quavo rapped, “B#### f##### my dog behind my back, but I ain’t stressing. You wanted the gang, you should’ve just said it, we would’ve blessed it.”

It turns out Quavo likely wrote those bars about his Quality Control Music labelmate and “My Dawg” performer Lil Baby. In November 2021, Saweetie posted a photo of herself sitting on a man’s lap. The unidentified person in question resembled Lil Baby, Allhiphop reported.

Cardi B who’s also aware of the rumour which has been going on between Saweetie, Quavo and Offset. She was asked about what she thinks. Her response was free and clear because Cardi B confirmed she doesn’t want to address the rumour because she will find out the truth.

“I was quiet because one thing I’m gonna do, I’m gonna find out the truth. You know I was finding out that truth in and out,” answered Cardi B. “If I entertain something that I know is not true on the internet, people be like, ‘Oh, it is true, because you’re addressing it.’ But when I don’t address it, it’s true as well.”

“So, I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m just not gonna entertain the b#######.’ Because if I entertain it, it’s gonna keep going longer and longer. At the end of the day, I know what’s going on in my house.”