Chrisean Rock Quits Social Media After Backstage Altercation

Chrisean Rock Went Offline Amid Backstage Controversy

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Following a backstage altercation at a Tamar Braxton show. Chrisean Rock went offline as she quits social media.

The singer who was, accused of assaulting one of Tamar’s backup singers. Announced her departure on both Instagram and Twitter. By expressing…

“I am deactivating all my pages. Love ya! See y’all later. God Bless”.

More to this. Baller Alert reported that while Chrisean Rock quits social media. She also shared plans to change her phone number and address, stating

“Changing my number, changing my address”.

The incident unfolded after Tamar’s concert when Chrisean Rock, allegedly inebriated and smelling of weed, grew upset, believing she was supposed to make a surprise on-stage appearance.

According to reports. She missed her cue and later became involved in a violent altercation, allegedly striking singer James Wright Chanel, resulting in injuries.

In response to the accusations. A friend of Tamar’s, Le Troy Davis, took to Instagram to condemn Rock, expressing intent to ensure legal consequences. She said in her own words…

“I swear I will do everything to make sure she goes to prison[.] She is trash, and that’s why her life is the way that it is. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her”.

Chrisean Rock, addressing the situation on Instagram Live, dismissed the claims as false narratives and suggested it was an attempt at clout-chasing.

Furthemore. She also asserted the need to protect her name, emphasizing her past experiences of being wrongly accused.

James Wright Chanel, in a brief clip on his own Instagram, confirmed being assaulted without providing detailed information.

Although. He emphasized maintaining joy and positivity despite the incident. In his own words…

“All I did was went to work, chile… y’all should see my f-cking face, and I still got joy”.

As of now. Tamar Braxton has not commented on the incident.

However, Due to the fallout from this backstage altercation. Chrisean Rock went offline as she quits social media, leaving her fans awaiting her return.