André 3000's Debut Album 'New Blue Sun' Garners Praise

André 3000’s Debut Album ‘New Blue Sun’ Garners Praise

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André 3000‘s debut album ‘New Blue Sun’ has finally been unveiled. And this marks his return to the music scene after nearly two decades.

The OutKast lyricist shared insights into the album’s creation and the reactions it received from fellow artists like Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator.

In an interview with NPR, A discussion of André 3000’s debut album was brought up.

While, discussing the collaborative process. He made mention of his decision to seek opinions from artists he respects.

More to this, He recounted playing the album for Tyler, The Creator, and Frank Ocean at Tyler’s house.

Although, He explained his reason for this by emphasizing on the value of external perspectives, by stating…

“It’s good for me to hear with somebody else”.

Describing Tyler’s reaction, André mentioned said…

“Tyler was staring at this thing that he has in his house. Like, he’s a fan of travel suitcases and so he has a wall of like travel suitcases.

And he was like, ‘Man, I’ve been trying to figure out how to configure these like Louis [Vuitton] suitcases'”.

Furthermore, Tyler’s interpretation of the music was vivid as he stated saying…

“It sounds like you’re chasing a butterfly through a garden, and I figured it out. It helped me to figure out how to do this”.

Also, Frank Ocean shared his favorite track from the selection.

After that, André emphasized the importance of diverse opinions, stating…

“I play it for my homies. I play it for friends, play it for artists, directors, just to see their reaction more than anything. So I was just happy with what I was getting”.

Additionally. “New Blue Sun”, is set to be release on November 17. And it features eight tracks showcasing André 3000’s flute playing alongside contributions from a core of jazz musicians.

The album takes a departure from traditional rap or singing, offering a unique blend of musical elements.

In a statement about the album’s concept, André described “New Blue Sun” as a futuristic venture, imagining a world under a bluer, cooler burning sun.

The album represents a new direction for the artist, encapsulating a distinct musical journey.

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