Trump: Kanye West is a Troubled Man But Good To me
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Something more about Kanye West and Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visit continues to unfold. If Kanye West is a troubled man then recently the formal President of the United States might have also noticed more about him.

As this year’s Kanye West and Donald Trump on a together headline, it started with Kanye West who is also known as YE, announcing his presidential bid for 2024. The announcement I think wasn’t tough or new since YE has been more vocal over the past year about him running for office.

Now, meeting with one of his good friends who happens to be Donald Trump, they shared more information especially when business and a little political convo. Of course, Ye later hopped on Twitter sharing with fans that he asked Trump to be his running mate. Although the ex-President advised him not to run, it will be a waste of time.

Donald Trump has talked about his meeting with Donald Trump where he also said Kanye West is a troubled man.

“So I help a seriously troubled man, who just happens to be black, Ye (Kanye West), who has been decimated in his business and virtually everything else, and who has always been good to me, by allowing his request for a meeting at Mar-a-Lago, alone, so that I can give him very much needed ‘advice’,” Trump wrote in a message posted Saturday to his Truth Social account, reports Rollingstone. “He shows up with 3 people, two of which I didn’t know, the other a political person who I haven’t seen in years. I told him don’t run for office, a total waste of time, can’t win. Fake News went CRAZY!”

As you can see, Donald Trump called Kanye West a seriously troubled man but didn’t resist giving him his flowers for being good to him. Both parties have been longer-term friends. Despite how Ye is being few these days, Trump has never been harsh on Kanye West. Though we once said Kanye West is acting Crazy and needs help.

Another person who suggested Kanye West is crazy is Young Joc. He said the ex-billionaire rapper is confused.