Kanye West running mate Donald Trump

Kanye West Asks Trump “Be My Running Mate”

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Kanye West can’t stop being this amazing controversial rapper who always comes up with trending headlines online. Previously, Kanye West revealed he is running for the 2024 presidential election yet again he is back with another update from his presidential bid. Could Kanye West Running mate be Trump. Check what he said.

Kanye West and Donald have always been good friends although Trump never supported him for his antisemitic comment. But has said nothing about Kanye West 2024 for President. Today Kanye west unveiled to the U.S . A formal President Trump to be his 2024 running Mate.

Kanye West and Donald have not been seen together since this year. But the Burn Everything rapper took to his Twitter fan page saying he met Trump at his resort residence in Florida, Mar-a-Lago.

West said he kept Trump waiting, but he disclosed the clue of the topic of their conversation.

The 45-year-old artiste went further to ask his fans to guess how the former American leader would respond to the question.

The big news here is that Kanye West has not revealed any response from Donald Trump. Meanwhile.

This might not be soft for both because Kanye West and Donald Trump are running for the presidential election in 2024. YE even asked his fans on Twitter what will be Donald Trump’s reply.

“What do you guys think his response was when I asked him to be my running mate in 2024?”

Kanye West supported Donald Trump when he was running for his previous POTUS and Donald Trump once said Kanye West was great to him.

To most fans, Kanye West get it right from Donald Trump because Trump is seriously running as we. However, nobody knows the exact response Donald Trump gave his friend.

Kanye West A.K.A YE has not rested since this year. Didn’t drop any album this year but has this 2022 featured songs playlist. Stay tuned know who will be Kanye West running mate for 2024.