Tom Wolf Pardon Meek Mill’s Drug and Gun Charges
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This is a huge congratulations to Meek Mill whose real name is Robert Williams. Meek Mill has a deep testimony about his life because growing up as youthful rapper, it never been easy for him. During those days was arrest and has suffered probably. But just few days ago Tom Wolf pardon Meek Mill’s legal Odyssey on drug and charges.

It has become a huge win to Meek, and he can’t stop celebrating and thanking Tom Wolf who has pardoned him and other related probation people. The good news came on board on late Friday, 13th Jan. 2023. That was when the Pennsylvania Gov. forgive Meek Mill.

“I got pardoned today,” the 35-year-old rapper born Robert Williams tweeted, noting he has come a long way. Meek Mill has been a good rapper who has been of help to his community even till date. His 2022 biggest achievements are well rewarded because of good heart.

That was something that the Pennsylvania Gov. have seen and considered giving Meek Mill a pardon, which Tom Wolf just did last week. Before the pardon, Meek Mill Reunite with Kevin Hart and Michael Rubin, and they donate $7M to Philadelphia schools. Over the past years, Meek Mill suffered a huge battle with Feds. He is well known for his criminal justice reform, something that has brought to a table to help convicts. He has been using it to help people.

Tom Wolf recent pardon has affected Meek Mill positively. His 369 pardon was signed to paper just last week. This is not the first time Tom Wolf has pardoned people since he took over office. Meanwhile, Meek Mill has been pardoned for his gun and drug charges. He is free now.

Meek Mill drug and gun charges landed him in prison, and that was in 2008 when the judge found him guilty. He was sentenced to one to two years in jail, followed by 10 years of probation.

The case came to a head in 2017, when the judge sentenced Williams to two to four years in prison for violating probation, citing a failed drug test, failure to comply with an order restricting his travel and two unrelated arrests. The judge issued the ruling despite a prosecutor and a probation officer recommending that Williams not be incarcerated.