Meek Mill & Gary Russell Jr Almost Get Into Fight

Meek Mill & Gary Russell Jr Almost Get Into Fight

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Have you ever seen Meek Mill. If not, they last Saturday would have been Meek Mill’s unforgettable boxing day. Meek Mill is not well known as troublemaker, but in the last two days, it was reported that he almost get into a fight with Boxer Gary Russell Jr.

Both parties were all attendants of the boxing match between one of Meek Mill friends who also happened to be the undefeated Gervonta Davis. Meek was present with some of his friends to cheer him up. But something outside the boxing ring. The crowd shelf their view to Meek Mill, who seen on physical altercation with Former WBC featherweight Gary Russell Jr 

That was a huge argument that might have been the cause of the physical verbal exchange. Both were sitting close to each other. However, there’s no words claiming if Meek Mill or Gary Russell Jr was the first person to have kick-start the brawl.

We also learnt that Davis and the former champion have formerly beefed. Meanwhile, Gary is only supporting Dave’s opponent, who is Hector Luis Garcia while the FLAMERZ 5 rapper gives his full support to Davis. Both who were closely sitted and their crew cause reaction, which didn’t give attention to the two boxer. But they nearly took away that moment but couldn’t since they later get separated, and then Meek Mill left.

Below, you can watch the Meek Mill and Gary Russell fight that didn’t actually happen. It was just an altercation.

Meek has since taken to his Twitter account to defend himself. “I would never let no petty sh*t escalate to let somebody movie run …. I just walked away ..” says the Philadelphia native. He says, “I came to support tank and boots!!!!!! Good wins.”

Meek Mill and Gary Russell Jr Fight Meek Mill comment about Gery

In other news, Meek Mill has then announced a possible 2023 album which will definitely get released soon. He has also shared his biggest achievements in 2022. It was a great year for him indeed.