Meek Mill Kevin Hart and Michael Rubin donation to Philadelphia school

Meek Mill, Kevin Hart, Michael Rubin & Gives $7M To Philadelphia Schools

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Meek Mill is too good, and he can’t stop helping those he so much cares about. Meek Mill, Kevin Hart, and Michael Rubin give $7 million to Philadelphia school. For a record, Meek Mill had a great 2022 and was grateful for his achievements. At least what he achieved last year left people prasing himself.

It’s 2023, and Meek Mill has continued from where he stopped last. But this time around, both Kevin Hart and Michael Rubin have joined forces to assist the Phyilly rapper to accomplish his golden goals he has for the people of Philadelphia. Giving out is also Meek Mill has already learnt how to do. Meanwhile, bailling out 20 women last in 2022 is another good part of Meek Mill, just to enhance his prison reform.

That was for his people in Philadelphia. Yet again, Meek Mill is back for Philadelphia schools. Students are getting part of Meek Mill, Kevin Hart, and Michael Rubin generosity the sum of $7,000,000. It’s a donation that will help facilitate the schools in Philadelphia. They gave out such amount of money with a specific popose though. It’s to help fund scholarships for low income students for the 2023-24 school year.

“Gotta get the whole trap booming too … we come from public schools side!!!!!” the “Dreams and Nightmares” spitter tweeted on Monday.

Meek Mill, Kevin Hart and Michael Rubin donation to school
Meek Mill, Kevin Hart and Michael Rubin donation to Philadelphia school

Per Billboard, in addition to funded scholarships, the trio will also provide laptops, tablets, WiFi connections and other classroom necessities. To receive these items, local families will be mandated to provide proof of income and valid documents showing that they are eligible to receive funding through the Earned Income Tax Credit program.

Meek Mill who grew up as a hustler does understand people in the hood. He knows different it is at this moment. He experienced it during his time and will always be willing to assist in his little way donation.

“I am one of those kids, so I know what it means to be in those types of situations,” Mill said at the time. “I make sure I cater to it the way I just did it out there. It’s fun for me, too.”

So far this year, Meek Mill has also announced the possible release of his new 2023 album. According to him, he will be dropping about four albums this year. Last year he only released FLAMERZ 5 mixtape, a follow-up to his EXPENSIVE PAIN album.