Meek Mill FLAMERZ 5 Songs 2022

Meek Mill Biggest Achievements In 2022

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Milly will never disappoint his fans for any reason. And Meek Mill fan, you should know that the Philly rapper is a real hustler. His type of rap has always proven his relentless street hustle. He might have had bad moments in the past, but since prison reform, Meek Mill has been able to stand, standalone and standout. ‘Meek Mill achievements in 2022.’

Well, this is kind of saying Meek Mill achievements in 2022. While 2023 is a few hours, here on Aswehiphop, we have briefly tabled Meek Mill’s 2022 good deeds. He a rap loved around the world. Having faced probation over the past year, the 1942 Flows has released some incredible albums for hip-hop. Good anthems, good doings, good caring name it.

Meek Mill signed out from Jay-Z Roc Nation without any problems. According to Meek Mill, as a real hustler, you have to take a risk and grow. Though he might had little differences between him and Atlantic Records but it never affected his relationship with Jay-Z. In 2022 Meek Mill parted ways from both Roc Nation and Atlantic Records to stand alone.

Meek Mill achievements in 2022
Meek Mill and Ghana President and other Ghanaians officials

Meek Mill is not shy or afraid of running his career without a third party. Meek Mill is no longer a rapper who believes in Billboard, Spotify Apple Music chart records. He believes everything isn’t as it used to be. Meanwhile, Robert Rihmeek Williams better known as Meek Mill said he won’t share his new album with those mentioned platforms. He once mentioned JayPay and Cash App as his best platform.

Meek Mill, although he couldn’t join Aswehiphip 2022 top compilation due to insufficient collaboration. If we are totally right, Meek Mill only got featured on The Game’s 2022 album DRILLMACTIC. He was featured on the track Talk To Me Nice. That was unlike him in 2021 where he got a ton of collaboration with peers. You need to check out Meek Mill 2021 songs and features. Getting featured on The Game’s album is also a big achievement.

Meek Mill released FLAMERZ 5 in 2022 and that was just great. That mixtape is nothing but fans’ dreams. It’s a follow-up to his EXPENSIVE PAIN which was released on October 1st 2021. Meek Mill FLAMERZ 5 is another biggest move he aimed for and achieved it. Obviously, Meek Mill’s career in 2022 is worth it despite some little struggle.

Meek Mill and his friend
I Ain’t worrying about no street credit

Lately, Meek Mill had to send some women home from jail. This is another place Meek Mill applies his prison reform. Bailing about 20 convicts from prison has been recorded as one of the biggest moves in 2022. He achieved it by letting 20 women go home and spend their Christmas with family and loved ones.

Meek Mill’s visit to Ghana is another biggest achievement for him. Just for his Afro Nation Ghana festival, he had to trip across the country to Ghana. The love they gave him was real and impressive to him. It was the last movement he had lately. Meek Mill felt the love. According to him:

“They roughed me tf upppppp but the love overpowered it … almost went from dreams to nightmares quick lol,” the 35-year-old artist captioned the footage, adding in his IG stories that he so enjoyed the trip that he’d consider buying a home in the African nation, writing, “I’m grabbing a crib in Ghana forsureeeeee this real love!”