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Drake Says he “Wouldn’t Be Anywhere” Without Fabolous

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Another thing about Drake is that he knows how to credit his fellow artists, especially rappers. Drake is now saying he wouldn’t be anywhere without Fabulous. To Drake, Fab is one of these rappers that help his career just Lil Wayne.

If you haven’t heard good things about Fabulous part of his career, then should Brooklyn is a beautiful asset to Drake. While Drake has been a little more active since this month and having assisted Popcaan on We Caa Done, he online presence has always been hot lately.

Hailing Fabulous for influencing him followed Drake revealing how good 2Pac songs are to him. He revealed that last year’s December 1st. He listens to 2pac Throughout 2022. But posting Fabulous photo on his Instagram story is more of a respect. That was yesterday many realized that Fabulous is a contributor to Drake career.

“Wouldn’t be anywhere without this guy real shit @myfabolouslife,” Drake wrote next to a photo of a young Fab rocking a New Jersey Nets jersey, baggy white T-shirt, durag and backwards fitted cap.

Drake hails Fabulous on Instagram story

Fabulous is a great rapper who has remained more relevant. Although his career these days isn’t much noticeable, hip-hop can’t forget his tremendous status. Drake and Fabulous at least have worked on songs like Throw It in the Bag, Deuces (Remix).

Drake is a rapper who values any little you do for him. Of course, Fabulous isn’t the rapper who has helped Drake’s career. HER LOSS co-rapper has always expressed his gratitude to Lil Wayne as well. Last year he called Lil Wayne the Goat of rap and also explained how Wayne helped him.

During OVO fest 2022, Drake explained how Lil Wayne jump-start his and Nick Minaj’s career. Hailing Fabulous shows how grateful Drake is. So appreciative and thankful. Drake wouldn’t be anywhere without the help of Lil Wayne and Fabulous whom he recently credited. He just paid homage to Fabulous and fans have loved it.

In other most recent Drake news, he was seen with his 5-year-old son Adonis sit courtside at Raptors game: ‘On dad duty’. He seated with his son during the Raptors game as they beat the Charlotte Hornets at the Scotiabank Arena. Below you can see the photos of Drake and his big son. It was also shared on Raptors Instagram account.

So far, Drake has also revealed his 2022 album and plans. He confirmed going on tour with 21 Savage using their 2022 joint album, HER LOSS. Is also obvious that Drake might drop a new project which he never announced thoug.