The Game: 50 Cent is A Great Writer Both on “What Up Gangsta”

The Game: 50 Cent is A Great Writer Both on “What Up Gangsta”

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Is alright. The Game and 50 Cent are literally on the same wavelength of peace. Over the past years, both have experienced what’s likely to be called hip-hop beef. A common physical and social altercation indeed. And one of their popular speculations was “What Up Gangsta.”

Fiddy is well known for being so creative and hardworking rapper who has ventured into some type of business. An actor, rapper, promoter of vitamin water and a lot more

His rise in notoriety can be traced from his rap career which presented a lot of hit songs and 100% written by him. Although What Up Gangsta, as said earlier was one controversial song dragged online by fans crediting The Game as the real writer of this particular song.

The story has always been reflected over the past few years even having the attention of Wack 100, The Game’s manager who also claimed the What Up Gangsta was written by his artist.

In so many ways, 50 Cent has proven his writing skills not only via In Da Club but The Game recently confirmed 50 Cent as a great writer both on the song that has lingered over the year. Get Rich or Die Tryin album is where the song What Up Gangsta came from.

The Game has had a couple of interviews this year. His latest appearance on Amazon Music catches up with him crediting 50 Cent as the real writer who wrote What Up Gangsta. He called 50 Cent a great writer.

“I didn’t write ‘What Up Gangsta’ for 50. I was in there and part of the influence,” The Game admitted. “I call like the way The Lox record music. Jada is writing his verse and Styles and Sheek is right there and they’re like, ‘Nah, say that,’ and you throw it in there.”

Additionally, The Game praised 50 Cent for his lyrical ability. The West Coaster added, “Take nothing away from 50. 50 is a great writer, that’s what he do. Especially anything that’s melodic, so hooks are his specialty. His verses be like his story, so he ain’t capping.”

You can check out the song on YouTube or as well watch the interview below. The Game is thankful to 50 Cent who also played an integral part in his success despite their up and down. Back in January, he thanked 50 Cent and Dr Dre for contributing to his “The Documentary” album.

50 Cent and The Game, however, look like are all good right now. The only rapper 50 Cent who has dragged 50 Cent so this year is Ja Rule who can’t deny his potential beef 50.