Kim Kardashian Cries Out; “She Wants The Old Kanye West”

Kim Kardashian Cries Out; “She Wants The Old Kanye West”

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When it comes to relationships, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not the worst but they have had this back Rocky one of the presence of the public. Kim Kardashian cried after she keeps on missing professional YE.

She might have been on a low but hardly she continues to hurt herself in silence. Her new appearance for next week’s episode of The Kardashians has gone a long way in displaying Kim’s feelings about Kanye West.

Social media has a lot of news about Kim moving with Kanye West but Bianca seems to be the only one YE is caring for at the moment. Love it or loath it Kim Kardashian wants her Kanye West.

That could be hard right? But only if Kanye West still wants her. However, the TV star breaks down and says she’d do anything to get the old Kanye West back.

The reason she breaks down over Kanye West was because of how Kanye West changed automatically after their divorce. His behaviour according to what Kim Kardashian explained, that’s what hurts her.

Speaking more about the divorce, Kim categorically said that her divorce to Kanye West happened because he wasn’t the same husband to her again. Like he changed which social media can even narrate about.

We all already Knew Kanye West and his antisemitic comments which have affected his partnership with Adidas and more. Kim Kardashian isn’t happy about that and the worst part of it was his actions after their divorce.

Watching the video, Kim Kardashian breaks all because the old Kanye West is gone. She needs it back and would do anything to get it back.

Kim Kardashian Cries Out; “She Wants The Old Kanye West”
Kim Kardashian crying for Kanye West

She talked about so many things about why she left Kanye West. She also said it was Kanye West that started the rumour about her having an affair with Drake. Of course, that’s not the first time we heard Kanye West describing Kim Kardashian’s affairs with other rappers. He also accused Kim of sleeping with Meek Mill.

“He was the one that started a rumor that said I was hooking up with Drake, having an affair, his whole marriage he accused me of that, publicly,” she said. “So the person that’s supposed to protect me the most, publicly would accuse me of having an affair. I really can’t wrap my head around who he thinks he is a protector!”

“It’s just always so intense. I don’t want to engage with a public feud with him,” she reportedly said. “I feel like I have to do something, especially when it involves other people and it hurts other people.”

“Hurt me, just keep it with me. I don’t want to talk about this anymore, let’s talk about something else,” she concluded and you can watch the video below.

While Kim Kardashian keeps crying for Kanye West, the hip-hop sensation was recently busy with his newly claimed wedded wife Bianca as they were spotted in Tokyo.

Seriously it hurts Kim Kardashian to see herself facing the bad side of marriage. She probably doesn’t expect all of these to be happening around her. Remembering what it was like when everything was wonderful between her and Kanye West makes her cry more.