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The Game & Wack 100 Said ‘What Up Gangsta’ Was Written by Game for 50 Cent

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Seems like The Game and Wack 100 wants to rise social media trends and we all know 50 Cent can be as vicious as ever when it comes to trolling.

The Game has been talking about some things lately and not only that he said Kanye West has done what Dr. Dre couldn’t do for him in 3 three weeks.

The latest about The Game and 50 Cent is that the Compton rapper who is also a formal G-Unite resident rapper has opened a new chapter, where claimed he wrote 50 Cent’s What’s Up Gangsta.

What’s Up Gangsta is one of the hit tracks from 50 Cent‘s Get Rich or Die Tryin album which was released in 2013.

The Game and Wack 100 on the new podcast have revealed the West Side rapper the one who wrote the song for 50 Cent. While on the Drink Champs podcast Game pointed out a few things

The Game and his close associate Wack 100 were asked about Game’s past with G-Unit and the narrative that 50 Cent wrote a good portion of the hits that ended up on The Game’s classic debut album The Documentary.

Game first said that 50 only wrote the parts that he is rapping on The Documentary (which isn’t news to us), then Wack cuts the talk to tell the world “something that you (Game) never speaks on,” going on to recite the hook to ‘What Up Gangsta’, the opening track on 50’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Wack and Game insinuate that the former G-Unit rapper was the one who wrote the record for 50 and even some parts on some “G-Unit albums.” Listen to the clip above. Do you believe them?