Lil Yachty Let's Start Here album

Lil Yachty Announces 2023 Album ‘Let’s Start Here’ Date

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Lil Yachty is now having an exchange of plans. Report hit the Internet just months ago and disclosed that the rapper Sonic Ranch album has been liked online. In fact that wasn’t a good one at all and Yachty was not happy. Today, Lil Yachty Announces 2023 album Let’s Start Here as his new official album. It comes to heel after an interview he had in December with then followed the leak of his Sonic Ranch album.

Meanwhile, Lil Yachty is not backing down because his previous album which would drop got leaked. Sure, the new year has continued and Yachty has a plan for boxing day. It will be a great day of course. Lil Yachty has also thanked his fans for having patience despite what happened. Thank you for your patience friends he shared on Twitter along with the album artwork.

Lil Yachty Let’s Start Here, shared the artwork on Instagram and Twitter and there has been a massive reaction over the good news. Another thing you get in mind is that, Let’s Start Here is dropping on the 27th of January 2023. He also promised not to disappoint this time around.

As you can see above, that is the Lil Yachty Let’s Start Here artwork. It displays 7 people, 6 men and 1 woman. However, the album tracklist is on the way and will soon be shared with his fans. But as for now, Lil Yachty album has become one of the most anticipated albums in 2023. Although with won’t take that long to get released.

Meanwhile, below is fans reactions to his new incoming album. Lil Yachty didn’t release any album last year. But this year he is making it right. According to what he said during an interview, 2023 is a work year and he will surely deliver some good.

But some folks were complaining about the album cover. Some said they don’t like it, but the album will be dope. But whatever it is, Lil Yachty making sure the album is getting released this month. As said earlier, no tracklist yet. It will come later and will be updated on this page as well.

In 2022, Lil Yachty talked about Drake. According to what he said, Drake worth his Churchill Down verse. He also talked about Lil Baby. Most people think he is beefing with Lil Baby but you might like to hear something about it. So, we are simply waiting for the album. But don’t be surprised that we might get new song along the way.