DDG Halle Bailey

Fans of DDG and Halle Bailey think they’ve gone their separate ways.

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Fans of DDG and Halle Bailey are conjecturing that the pair is no longer together after some social media activity and a solitary Coachella attendance.

The couple stopped following each other on Instagram at some point last week, as keen-eyed observers noticed. Additionally, Halle was seen at Coachella supporting her big sister Chloe Bailey without a DDG.

However, nothing has been verified as of yet.

The rumors surface just after DDG surprised Halle Bailey with a diamond-encrusted Rolex watch before they left on vacation with their newborn baby, Halo, and they jointly celebrated Halle’s birthday.

The couple may have broken up and reconciled multiple times, since they have managed to avoid breakup rumors in the past. Despite being with Halle Bailey at the time, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose shared a direct message from him inquiring if she was in Los Angeles last year.

The Kentucky resident said, “U hitting me the day y’all argue is so u lol.” He responded, “Lol u right, lemme go heal first.”

She continued, “This is the reason I’m single,” in the post.

Fans noticed that Bailey was wearing the same T-shirt that Rose had once worn during their brief relationship with the rapper back in 2020, and it led to the message being leaked. The hitmaker of “On Top” called her to verify that the clothing belonged to her.

She tweeted, “Having ur bitch where my clothes is crazy lol.” “I like Halle, but DDG is kind of weird.”

The 26-year-old was not amused by the criticism and quickly disputed her assertions on social media.

He tweeted, “Ik it looks bad but it ain’t what it seem stg.” The tweet has now been removed. “That bitch is just wicked.”