PartyNextDoor's 'Sorry I'm Outside' Tour

Sorry I’m Outside Tour Unveiled By PartyNextDoor On Aswehiphop

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PartyNextDoor Unveils Upcoming Tour “Sorry I’m Outside”. Exclusive Details On Aswehiphop

PartyNextDoor unveils upcoming tour titled Sorry I’m Outside, as he seems to be on another level right now.

Especially with the release of his latest album… “PartyNextDoor 4“. Which has permanently, cemented its place in the hearts of his fans.

Moreover. This project of his also serves as a comeback for him, since his awkward silence from 2020 up until the recent release of his new album “PND 4”.

Now, delving further into today’s subject matter on Aswehiphop. Join us as we explore the impact of PartyNextDoor’s triumphant return.

Shifting our focus to other notable movements in the hip-hop scene. Today, on Aswehiphop. We will take a closer look at the recent announcement made by PartyNextDoor. Which was on the 29th of April 2024.

However. The announcement not only surprised his fans. But also, it hinted at what’s to come in his music journey.

Let’s delve into the details of PartyNextDoor’s latest announcement. And what it means for his future endeavors in the hip-hop industry.

The renowned Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer…

Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, professionally known as PartyNextDoor. Announced that he would be going on tour starting from the second half of the year. And the tour’s title is “Sorry I’m Outside”.

Furthermore. The announcement of the tour “Sorry I’m Outside”, came in the form of a grumpy trailer.

The trailer which is approximately under 50 seconds is filled with captivating visuals of PND’s new album.

It has series of images filled with moments of… PND’S recording sessions in Hollywood and his life in Toronto.

At some point in the video. It was visible to us that the Hollywood symbol was replaced with the title of one of his hit singles… “Real Woman“.

More to this. It was also seen in the video that a crowd of people was gathered together chanting the chorus of DMX‘s “Party Up(Up In Here)”.

Although. It doesn’t provide any specific date or time for the upcoming endeavor. But PartyNextDoor revealed that it would be announced today. Which would be April 30, 2024.

So please stick with us on Aswehiphop to get more info about PartyNextDoor’s “Sorry I’m Outside” Tour once it has been announced.

View the trailer below on Aswehiphop

Aswehiphop Uncovering More Insights On PartyNextDoor Performing Career

It’s no longer news that PartyNextDoor is notorious for being a very shy performing artist.

Back in 2020, after the pandemic. PartyNextDoor initially did not have a touring schedule. Which indicated that he wasn’t performing live shows.

However. This situation has changed over time, and he has begun to add more live performances to his schedule.

This significant, yet gradual shift from not touring at all to increasing the frequency of his live shows, has lead him to make stops at…

Souled Out in Australia, SXSS in Texas, and Rolling Loud California. With the aim to push himself to perform even more than he has ever done.