Lil Yachty and Lil baby Beef

Lil Yachty and Lil baby Beef Each Other

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Wow wow, you all should hold on a minute because I have not seen Lil Yachty or Lil Baby beefing themselves. Lil Yachty and Lil Baby beef could be inner doings but not taking it to the public.

From what we have known so far about these two hip-hop talents, it’s clear both haven’t worked together. No diss track can hold them responsible for that. These are two different minds that want different things with the respect to self-esteem.

Lil Baby and Lil Yachty, according to their old and recent, it seems there is something they don’t want to bring into context. Lil Yachty had an interview on Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast, the Speed Me Up rapper literally made it clear he won’t work with My Turn rapper.

He talked about not going to tour with Lil Baby. Lil Yachty was trying to convince us Lil Baby and him aren’t in same wavelength, he won’t work with even to climb the stage with is forbidden to him. Check out the comment he shared lately.

“I’m not going in front of Lil Baby, bro,” Yachty told Akademiks. “Motherfuckers gonna look at me crazy, ‘What the fuck n-gga, get off the stage.’ I’m not going in front of that n-gga at all. I don’t wanna go in front of him. I don’t even wanna be on the same lineup as him, ever. Ever.

He continued, “It’s not even about hits. We are in such different lanes. If someone’s coming to see him, they are not tryna hear me. We are on two different ends of the spectrum.”

We all have already gotten the awareness, the tour Lil Baby and Chris Brown were are cooking up. The One of Them Ones Tour, is the name of the tour. Chris Brown and Lil Baby, a few days ago there was a rumour swirling around that the tour will welcome a song from both of them.

However, Lil Yatchty putting his comment under reference to tour is totally different stuff most fans wondering why sounded so ugly about Lil Baby while on convo with Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast. Like two of them are beefing on something we’re unbeknownst to.

Meanwhile, Lil Baby is one of these rappers putting outside beef while making the music and money. In 2020, Lil Baby talked about his relationship with Lil Yatchty who thinks Lil Lil Baby doesn’t like him. The Breakfast Club interview was where he cleared his reputation not only about Lil Yatchty but also dived into his relationship with Migos.

“[Lil] Yachty is my man. Shout out to Yachty. He was like the first person at QC to grab me under his wing on some rap shit. Now I’m gone all the time, so he kinda feels like I don’t really fuck with him like that, but I really do,” said Baby about Lil Boat. “It ain’t that at all.”

Though the interview was what Lil Baby said the last two years but we currently don’t know his relationship status with Yatchty who is not welcoming him.

Lil Yatchty sharing he won’t walk with Lil Baby is a little bit sending a signal about unknown differences between them. Lil Yatchty and Lil Baby beef is totally unknown.

Lil Baby and Chris Brown are getting to tour the world. This is their first-time collaborating.