Fat Joe Acknowledged DJ Khaled For Eminem's 'Lean Back' Remix

Fat Joe Acknowledged DJ Khaled For Eminem’s ‘Lean Back’ Remix

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Fat Joe acknowledged DJ Khaled. This was done as he attributed one of his most iconic guest features to be influenced by him.

In a recent profile by Rolling Stone. Fat Joe acknowledged DJ Khaled as he discussed how he played a pivotal role in securing Eminem‘s verse for the remix of “Lean Back”.

The collaborative remix of “Lean Back” was a major hit.

But at the time. Fat Joe never imagined that he could get Eminem on board.

However. DJ Khaled encouraged him and pushed him to reach out to the rap superstar.

Fat Joe recalled the moment. Saying…

“He told me, ‘You could get Em.’ And I went all out and I got Eminem because Khaled had pushed me to”.

Furthermore. Fat Joe and DJ Khaled share a deep-rooted friendship and history of collaboration. And this dates back to their time together in Terror Squad.

Although. The connection has continued to grow over the years, leading to their most recent joint project.

In September. The dynamic duo announced a new venture called “REWIND IT 10”.

This unique product aims to help men regain their youthful appearance and reverse the effects of aging, particularly in the hair department.

Through this professional hair coloring kit, men can experience a transformation that takes them back to their prime.

Their announcement on Instagram featured various celebrity men, such as…

Tyson Beckford, Travis Kelce, and Tank, all embracing the opportunity to rewind the clock.

More to this. Fat Joe and DJ Khaled’s humor and enthusiasm for REWIND IT 10 have sparked anticipation for the product.

While REWIND IT 10 has yet to make its way to store shelves. The company is actively seeking individuals to sign up and be among the first to experience this innovative product that promises to turn back the hands of time.

In conclusion. This collaboration between Fat Joe and DJ Khaled not only represents their creativity in music.

But it also extends into innovative ventures that capture the essence of their friendship and shared vision.

Eminem‘s iconic verse on “Lean Back” stands as a testament to their ability to make the seemingly impossible happen.