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Dj Khaled Revealed he Nearly Lost his Mansion Due to House Rent

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The We The Mogul “Dj Khaled” has talked about his moments of brokenness that nearly cost him his mansion around his 2010, he revealed a level of financial struggle that his fans could never Imagine he has experienced in live since his music career kicked off.

But, while Dj Khaled was talking in an interview they unveiled him as the Rolling Stone‘s newest cover star on Tuesday (November 7), he took out time to talk about some of his life experiences thaybhe has not really  brought to the notice of the public.

The We The Best Mogul “Dj Khaled ” started by talking about his financial downtime that that nearly cost him his mansion, according  to him, he was actually hustling  at the moment, bit he wasn’t hustling so smart and that made him to go broke.

Meanwhile,  that was before he hit gold with his Snapchat antics coupled with some of his other music projects that started topping  chart later that moment, that was when he started getting  back on his feet financially.


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This was just going to be an encouraging  to some people  who might be struggling  with life this days, they should know that life will alway turn around, then that should not be the end of their life .

“I remember I had like a month to come up with this [large] amount of money. I kept saying, ‘There’s no way in the world that we worked this much this far and we don’t have nothing to show for it.’ I changed that right away” he flashes back.

The We The Best Mogul “Dj Khaled” futher stated how he had to work hard and prevented loosing  his miami mansion by doubling his hustle instead of letting thay get him to depression.