Drake Made A Bet Of $250,000 On Leon Edwards In UFC 296

Drake Made A Bet Of $250,000 On Leon Edwards In UFC 296

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In an exciting turn of events, The renowned music artist Drake made a bet of $250,000. Ahead of the highly anticipated UFC 296.

Moreover, The headline match features British fighter Leon Edwards facing off against American Colby Covington.

More to this, The UFC spectacle is scheduled to unfold at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Known for his enthusiastic support of athletes in various sports. Drake made a bet in favor of Leon Edwards.

Also he posted on Instagram alongside a snapshot of his betting slip.

Furthermore, Drake voiced his support. Saying…

“Headshot pls and thank you @leonedwardsmma”.

Alhough, This isn’t the first time Drake has ventured into significant betting territory for major fights.

However, His past predictions haven’t always aligned with the victorious side. In a notable example, the artist backed Nate Diaz against Jake Paul in August.

Only to lose his $250,000 bet when ‘The Problem Child’ secured a unanimous decision.

But, The lead-up to the Edwards vs. Covington bout has been marked by intense verbal exchanges.

Covington, also known for his brash demeanor. Provoked Edwards by bringing up the British fighter’s late father.

In response, Edwards issued a stern warning. By emphasizing that the matter would be settled in the ring.

While reflecting on the loss of his father. Edwards shared a poignant moment from that fateful night.

Recalling the phone call that delivered the devastating news. The British fighter’s resolve heading into the match, seems unwavering as he confronts Covington’s provocations.

In a dramatic build-up. Covington seized the opportunity to rally support for himself, aligning the fight with themes of patriotism and political movements.

Boasting about an American revolution. He also declared the bout as a symbolic representation for law enforcement, military personnel, and the MAGA movement.

In conclusion, As the excitement builds for UFC 296. Drake’s sizable bet adds an extra layer of anticipation to an already thrilling matchup, between Edwards and Covington, making it a must-watch event for fight enthusiasts and fans alike.