Cardi B Took On Nicki Minaj In Exchange Over Album Promotion

Cardi B Took On Nicki Minaj In Exchange Over Album Promotion

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Cardi B took on Nicki Minaj, as she found herself in a fiery clash with her. Although, This was due to Nicki threwing shade at her and Megan Thee Stallion. During a dispute over album promotion tactics.

Nicki Minaj, dissatisfied with Billboard and other industry figures. Accused them of mistreatment. After they allegedly threatened to cut her first-week album numbers.

But this was due to a cash competition she announced. The rapper initiated a contest for 100 fans to receive a benefit by posting their album receipts online.

In a lengthy rant on Twitter. Nicki expressed her frustration. Claiming that Billboard reached out to warn her about the potential impact on her album sales.

She specifically took shots at Cardi B. While insinuating that she could freely give away millions in Cash App money, unlike Nicki.

As the tension escalated. Cardi B too on Nicki Minaj as she seemingly reacted to her fans defending her, in a liked tweet. Which explained the details of the Cash App partnership for “Wap”.

The tweet clarified that the promotion took place during the second week of the song’s release, requiring “proof of purchase” and not necessarily loyalty to Cardi B.

Cardi B, not one to back down, also entered the comments section of a post discussing her liked tweet.

She demanded that posts revealing who liked content with her name be shared first and defended her charitable efforts during the pandemic.

Further, Emphasizing that she was helping women in need. Irrespective of their music preferences.

Amidst the clash. Nicki Minaj also targeted journalist Elliot Wilson and DJ Envy, who had taken shots at her.

She called out DJ Envy‘s past behavior of allegedly blackballing her music on the radio and brought attention to his real estate dealings.

In conclusion, The heated exchange sheds light on the competitive dynamics between these two prominent figures in the music industry.

Revealing the underlying tensions and power struggles in the world of hip-hop.