Drake For All The Dogs

Drake “For All The Dogs” Returns to No.1 on Billboard Album Charts

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Drake latest album “For All The Dogs” has returned to it’s positive  at the Billboard No. 1 and is clearly possible because of “Scary Hours 3 Ep” which gave the album a very good boast.

Meanwhile, it was predicted last week that the album was likely going to retain it’s position at the Billboard No. 1 for two straight weeks, but, due to the level of challenges and the kind of albums it had to contend with, it was able to maintain it position then.

But following the Curren record on the performance of the album over other albums, it has returned to its position as it moved from No. 4 to No. 1 on the billboard charts, all thanks  to his For All The Dogs deluxe edition which he titled “Scary Hours 3″.

Following the records,  the album project has currently made ‘over 145,000 album-equivalent units over the last week, beating out Taylor Swift’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version) (138,000) and Dolly Parton’s Rockstar (128,000).”

Meanwhile,  with the album “For All The Dogs ” surpassing up to A Million units in US, it is now qualified to be certified Platinum, although, the RIAA has not yet said anything  about that, but fans strongly believe that it will be certified platinum soon.

As fans keeps on vibing on the Scary Hours 3 EP which is deluxe edition of the “For All The Dogs” album, Drake has also released  an Instrumentals on of the Ep, just as he promises after releasing the main songs.

Meanwhile, Drake has called on his colleagues to jump in and make some cool music  with the Instrumentals that he released, many people  are really asking, could this be a challenge?, yeah, that rapper wants it to be like more than a challenge among both young rappers.