New Song 'Lace It' Unveiled By Juice Wrld's Estate With Eminem

New Song ‘Lace It’ Unveiled By Juice Wrld’s Estate With Eminem

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A new song ‘Lace It’ by title. Has been unveiled in a powerful musical collaboration. With Juice Wrld‘s estate. Featuring Eminem and Benny Blanco.

However, This posthumous collaboration. Showcases the late Juice Wrld reflecting on his struggles with depression. And also substance abuse amid the challenges of fame.

More to this, The song which dropped on Saturday (Dec. 16) across all major streaming platforms. Brings together the distinctive styles of Juice Wrld and Eminem.

Also, Juice Wrld‘s verses on the new song ‘Lace It’ candidly delve into his experiences with stress and the coping mechanisms he sought, including medication.

Furthermore, The lyrics carry a raw honesty as Juice Wrld expresses the toll of painkillers on his life…

“Stressed out, so I tend to take meds (Take meds). The Devil told me, ‘Good show, break a leg,’ (Break a leg).

All these pain killers, like I got a pair of broken legs (Broken legs). All these Percs I pop, you probably thought I was planning to break my neck”.

While, Eminem enters the song with a poignant second verse, delivering cautionary words about the dangers of drug abuse.

Additionally, He reflects on his own close call with synthetic heroin and pays tribute to artists lost to drug-related deaths, including Juice Wrld.

Moreover, Eminem acknowledges the impact of addiction with lines like…

“Addiction’s like a f***kin’ vicious cycle (Yeah)/Juice, we will forever miss you”.

Notably, The release of the new song ‘Lace It’ aligns with the third anniversary of Juice Wrld Day. A global celebration commemorating the life and music of the late rapper.

In honor of Juice, A concert is set to take place at the United Center in Chicago. It would also be featuring performances by…

Ski Mask Slump God, Trippie Red, G Herbo, DJ Scheme, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Luh Tyler, Lucki, and more.

Juice Wrld’s mother, Carmela Wallace, actively engages with his fanbase. Ensuring his legacy continues through events like Juice Wrld Day and the release of posthumous music.

Wallace, leading Juice’s estate, also advocates for mental health and addiction awareness through the Live Free 999 foundation.

In a recent interview, She expressed the importance of connecting with Juice’s fans. Emphasizing that they are not alone and continuing the impactful messages he shared during his life.