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Drake Got New Tattoo “Miskeen” on his Face_ Check it Out

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The Toronto rapper Drake has gotten new tattoo on his face and this time its not just an ordinary tattoo  for fashion, this one seem to have a very great meaning that means a lot to him.

This was actually revealed by photographer Brent Kore aftsr he made a posted on his Instagram Story, showing  different photos of Drake rocking some new tattoo on his face which is located right above his eyebrow.

Meanwhile, the word Drake wrote in his face  as the new tattoo reads “miskeen”, meanwhile, a lot of fans have been really trying to figure out the actual meaning behind the tattoo which he just drew in his face following  the fact that the particular word can mean a lot of things  in Toronto slang and Arabic.

Moreover, following some research that most fans have made yet, they has given out some possible meaning of which the rapper wrote the word on his face, the first fan who got his own meaning  from Torontology thread on Reddit stated that that word is simply  a person who is not genuine or not a civilian.

Other fans also made more suggestions to the meaning  Drake new tattoo,  as one wrote that the word “Miskeen” in Habesha culture, “it can mean an innocent child (poor/homeless) who looks sad, unfortunate, or doesn’t know any better (innocent in other way).”

Another fans also stated that “Miskeen” is also a clothing brand based out of West Philadelphia, and the clothing  brand has a latest sports jacket that they just unveiled, “could it be that Drake is trying to promote or collaborate with the clothing brand by tattooing the name on his face???, ” someone asked.

Meanwhile,  Drake has not said anything concerning  his new tattoo “Miskeen”