Jay-Z And Drake Were Mentioned In Kanye West's Vegas Rant

Jay-Z And Drake Were Mentioned In Kanye West’s Vegas Rant

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Jay-Z and Drake, were mentioned in Kanye West‘s rant. However, This occured in a grand finale to his Vultures album event in Las Vegas.

Being true to his style, Kanye West delivered a fervent rant touching on Jay-Z and Drake.

But it was no suprise that Adidas, and many others were added to his list.

As he concluded the event in support of Vultures alongside Ty Dolla $ign. Kanye took center stage with a livestream on Instagram Live, unleashing a cascade of thoughts.

During his extensive rant. Kanye didn’t hold back at all. Especially, when he called out Drake, Jay-Z, and even Adidas for what he perceived as lack of support over the past year.

Furthermore, He expressed frustration with Adidas. Criticizing them for letting the partnership crumble after he tweeted about them.

In his words…

“Y’all n***as let Adidas crash the richest n***a of all time”.

Moreover, In a direct and charged manner. Ye also called out the “Jewish n***as”. Who might dismiss his rant as just another “episode”.

Also, He didn’t shy away from expressing his emotions, mentioning a desire to “slap the s**t out of Mike Rubin”.

Additionally, The rapper’s words were captured via YesJulz’s livestream on Instagram. And it circulated on social media.

More to this, Kanye’s frustration spilled over. Addressing various figures including Ari Emanuel and referencing his past controversies.

As he passionately spoke. Kanye directly addressed Drake, Jay-Z, Adidas, and Kim Kardashian. Stating…

“Drake, this is what you been waiting for. Jay-Z, this is what you been waiting for. Adidas, this is what you been waiting for. Kim, this is what you been waiting for”.

Amidst the energetic and confrontational rant. Kanye highlighted his resilience and determination. Emphasizing the impact of his Yeezy brand.

He also asserted that, despite setbacks, the Yeezy sneakers would continue to sell, remaining confident in their success.

Although, Kanye’s unfiltered remarks came following reports that the Vultures rave event had been shut down by police.

Despite challenges, The event pressed on, relocating to a hotel suite. Videos from the event featured Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign alongside fellow artists like Quavo. Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti, Lil Durk, and more.

In this final chapter of the Vultures album event. Kanye West didn’t just premiere new music.

He delivered a powerful, unscripted message, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and sparking conversations across social platforms.