Beyonce Drop New Song “Spirit” & Lion King: The Gift Due Before R9

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Beyonce Photo

Beyonce is elevating and reigniting her music front. Bey is literally optimistic to give her fans another version of her platform.
Indeed Hov wife might be such trailblazer opposite to Rihanna R9 since
The new Lion King movie is now replicating its scene to Beyonce. Of
course Lion King: The Gift is dropping this week from Queen B, yes
that’s another sound track album shelved to debut next week.

Rihanna R9 is a matter of decision. No releasing date scheduled and no
tease or cameo leaked but with no despair R9 is already setting its strategy. While we wait, Bey is dragging pretty attentions, using new
song Spirit to create awareness for her short anticipating album which
will probably due this week as i said. Below is a taste stretched off from
the album and you can listen to it.

Rihanna huddling up to
give a better level up to her declared album. She told some hints behind
the project though Drake and Chris Brown tugged out. Leave your comment

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