Airport Mix-Up: Rick Ross And Meek Mill's Name Confusion

Airport Mix-Up: Rick Ross And Meek Mill’s Name Confusion

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Rick Ross recently shared that, He was in airport mix-up due to his strikingly similar names he shares with his collaborator Meek Mill.

The rap icons, Both featured on their new joint album ‘Too Good to be True’. Discovered that they nearly have the same name, but reversed.

While, Rick Ross‘s real name is William Roberts. Meek Mill goes by Robert Williams.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. Rick Ross recounted the amusing incident when he first attempted to book a flight for Meek Mill.

In his own words…

“One of the funniest stories ever is when I first was getting the flight tickets to fly Meek down to where I was at, after we met in Philly”.

Furthermore, He explained how the confusion unfolded when he provided his sister with Meek’s information to arrange the flight.

As Rick Ross’s sister received Meek Mill’s full name. She contacted Ross multiple times, insisting that he was sending the wrong information.

Perplexed, Ross revisited the details and realized the uncanny similarity in their names.

“And that’s when I read it and I said, ‘What the f— is this?'” He recalled.

To clear up the confusion, Ross decided to call Meek himself. He explained by saying…

“I called him back. ‘Hey, your name Robert Williams? Say, little homie, my name William Roberts. No f—ing way’. But we got him the ticket, and here we are”. 

Despite the amusing airport mix-up, Ross emphasized that their shared names weren’t the key to their success.

“I’m not going to bulls— you and say it’s the names because we could have had the same names and both been garbage”. He noted.

However, He acknowledged the uniqueness of their situation, leading to a stronger bond between the collaborators.

As Ross reflects on the collaborative journey, He underscores how working on ‘Too Good to be True’ brought them closer.

Additionally, The album, released via Ross’s Maybach Music Group on Nov. 10. Showcases the chemistry between the two artists.

This is because, It creates a musical experience that harks back to their collaborative hits a decade ago.

In conclusion, The shared memories and creative process behind the project. Have also strengthened the bond between Rick Ross and Meek Mill. As it Solidifyies their status as rap powerhouses in the Hip-Hop industry.