21 Savage Drake Friendship

21 Savage Describes his Friendship with Drake _ Interesting

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21 Savage who stopped by at the Rolling stone has during  his recent European Travel has taking  out time to describe his friendship status with Drake which has become one thing that a lot People on the industry are really admiring.

This question came to him following the fact that he has accomplished so many things  with Drake this year, starting from making  a joint album “Her Loss”  with him, to going  on a tour together “it’s all A Blur” this year, making seem to be very interested in knowing  more about his friendship with Drake.

Moreover, this close work with Drake this year has gotten him his first Grammy nominations which is going be a very big achievement  fir tbe rapper in the history of his music career, although  it’s not really  certain if he is going to win the category with the album, following  the fact that Drake has been Dissing Grammy for some time now.

Over some time, Drake has not submitted any of his songs for Grammy consideration for a reason that is beat known to him, but Her Loss Album was submitted  just to get 21 Savage his first Grammy.

So, 21 Savage  gave a very interesting response  when they asked him about his friendship with Drake, although he never wanted to talk about that initially, but after persuasion from his host, he then decided to talk about it.

According to him, “I feel like describing male friendships is zesty as hell,” 21 Savage said, and when we went into describe ot based on gender, he added “Like in the argument, a man’s supposed to think more about what he say, I feel like a woman is supposed to cry, like, ‘Fuck this shit.'”

21 Savage added that women have to handle  things with emotion.