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21 Savage Confirms that Most of His Lyrics are Fictional

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21 Savage is currently on the road of his European Travel and recently stopped by the catch up a talk time with the Rolling Stone on Monday 19th December where he mentioned  that most of his rap lyrics are fictional.

According to the rapper, most his decides to make use of creative stories  for his music lyrics, 21 Savage has appeared to be one of the rappers who don’t actually  use real life stories to make up their song lyrics.

“I just think of it in my head, Some of it be based off of real life, but a lot of it be creative stories” 21 Savage stated, Meanwhile most fans are not cool with it and many have applauded him for being so creative enought  to make his lyrics with out a real life story.

Talking  more about that, a lot of people can confirm that it has really been working out for him following  the factbthat his fans always enjoy his lyrics  despite  the fact that it’s not real life stories.

In a different  segment of his Interview with tbe rolling stone, 21 Savage was asked about his stand with Drake considering his collaboration on the hit album “Her Loss” which has made them so close as colleagues.

Although, the rapper never wanted to talk  about that, but after some persuasion by his host, he later decided  to talk about it, according  to him “I feel like describing male friendships is zesty as hell, he added that emotional “parameters” were needed when talking about male buddies specifically”

21 Savage and Drake close friendship has become something  that a lot of people  in the rap industry  are really not cool with, while some people are also admiring the fact that the two rapper are close.