Cardi B Offset reunite


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Cardi b and offset are to perform at the same Miami hotel on New Year’s Eve. Their breakup has been public and messy, but upcoming booking details reveal that they might even clash professionally very soon.

On New Year’s Eve (December 31), both rappers have been scheduled to perform at the same hotel. In Miami, but at different venues within the building. If that isn’t enough tension already. Their set times will also coincide, which makes a side-by-side comparison of their respective draws imminent.

cardi b and offset are to perform at the same hotel

Page Six has reported that the former couple agreed to perform at the Fountainbleu prior. To their romance disintegrating and that the overlap most likely isn’t intentional.

Whereas the New York MC and DJ Gryffin. Will play to a crowd at the luxe pool with passes “ranging from $5,000 up to $25,000.” The Migos trapstar will take the stage at LIV nightclub for tickets between $125 and $15,000.

cardi b rants in anger and curses offset

Just last week, Cardi put her estranged husband on blast when she tweeted: “@OffsetYRN you a b-tch ass n-kkaa …and trust me imma f-ckin take it there!”

She followed that up with: “Mufukas will try you when you at ya lowest and your most vulnerable time.. you out here feeling yourself but trust me the tables turn.”


She later went on Instagram Live and unloaded some more, accusing the Southern MC of doing her “dirty” and failing to show gratitude for her “help.”

“I really, really don’t like doing the internet shit, but the sad shit is — stop calling me,” she vented. “’Cause you will fucking talk to a n-gga and a muthafucka will play in your fucking face over and over and over again and still be like, ‘Watch what I’m about to do, watch what I’m about to say.’

“And it’s so fucking sad that a n-gga like to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time, when I’m not the most confident. They like to play games with me because he knows I’m not an easy girl. Yesterday, I could have been out, I could have been chilling, I could have been this and that.”

She added: “He knows I’m in my house. He knows I’m not doing the most and I’ve really been sparing you. You’ve been fucking feeling yourself because of your album and shit. You’ve really been doing me dirty after so many fucking years that I helped your ass. Not even a fucking thank you that I got.

“And it’s so crazy that I gotta go the fucking internet because whenever the fuck I tell you something, you don’t take shit seriously. And I’m so tired of it! I’m so fucking tired of this [expletives]!”