Kanye West Sued by Formal Business Manager

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Kanye was has been getting it very hot from different sides lately and it is as if the world is turning against him because if the some acts and comments from him.

Last week the fashionista Lost some business deals from some of his business partners especially Adidas which omitted his name from the billionaire list.

All this can be traced to the comments he made about the death of Floyd and his family, meanwhile he has apologized for his statement but it seems that people are not still cool with the apology.

Currently, Kanye has gotten a law suit of $4.5M from his formal manager who stated that Kanye didn’t meet up with the deal he had with them.

According to his formal manager, “Kanye defaulted on an 18-month contract, which carried a $300,000 monthly retainer.”

According to his formal manager, St John “he was employed by Kanye west to be his manager and accountant, by as time goes on Kanye started introducing him as his CFO of Donda and that was when he requested that ye should secure his services with a two-year contract which he accepted, but at the middle of everything, Kanye just ended the agreement.”

St John claimed that he even turn down other clients so that he could give a full attention to this contract, but all he got was a total disappointment from Kanye west”

Following the law suit, St John is now seeking for a “$4.5 million in damages, which includes payments for the months of July, August and September, this also covers the  retainers for the remaining term of the defaulted agreement as they agreed that it would end in November 2023.”