Lil Kim Requests Special Songs for her Wedding.

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The female artist Lil Kim has review the kind of songs she would want to hear on her future wedding day and she has specially requested it from Toni Braxton.

Everyone Believes that Kim wedding will happen soon because Lil Kim is making lot of statements about it lately and she has always wants Toni Braxton to perform on her wedding day.

Meanwhile according to the singer “Toni Braxton” on Wednesday (November 23), during The Jennifer Hudson Show, she stated that Kim doesn’t want any traditional song on her wedding.

She further review that Lil Kim has asked her perform songs like “You Mean the World to Me” as one of the songs that she is going to perform on her big day despite that the song is only talking about a fake Lover.

Although Toni reviewed that she made it clear to her for the first time she came and told her that she wants her to sing on her wedding day that she doesn’t have a happy love song but she insisted she will be the one to perform that day.

“She came up to me one day, ‘Toni, girl, I love you, on my wedding day, I want you to sing at my wedding.’ And I said, ‘Kimmy, you don’t want me to sing. I don’t have any happy love songs.”

But it seems that Kim has already made up her mind for Toni to sing that partial song “You Mean the World to me” on her wedding day following her response to Toni when she was trying to convince her about the song, “Girl, can’t nobody understand what you say, just sing the song.”

Meanwhile Lil kim is in a relationship with Mr. Papers although no one knows of he is the one she would marry.