Wiz Khalifa 2023 Songs & Features

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Sure we are expecting a new album from Wiz Khalifa this year. But then, Wiz Khalifa has been busy dropping a few singles accompanied by its official video. Wiz Khalifa 2023 songs and features compilation was once announced here on Aswehiphop.

However, you will be streaming all Wiz Khalifa’s 2023 songs and his features as well. Just like we did last year, Khalifa was one of the rappers we compiled their songs. You listen to Wiz Khalifa 2022 songs also.

Below is the list of Wiz Khalifa 2023 songs as compiled on Aswehiphop. Please note the list will feature other songs the rapper assisted. This page will be updated as soon as he shared a new album, singles or features.

Wiz Khalifa 2023 Songs and Features

  • Why Not Not Why
  • No Weakness (Feat.)
  • No Stress (Feat.)
  • Love To Smoke
  • Mercury Retrograde
  • Paris Fashion Week
  • Don’t Text Don’t Call
  • Little Do They Know

Why Not Not Why

On this day April 18th 2023, Wiz Khalifa released Why Not Not Why. This came after the release of his No Stress which you can stream. It’s directly coming from the rapper and hopefully he prepping for new album. You watch the video below.

No Weakness

This is not Wiz Khalifa’s but it came from DJ Drama’s 2023 album which he titled I’m Really Like That. A star-studded album indeed and it was released on March. Wiz joined Drama on No Weakness track and you can hear it below.

No Stress

No Stress is the first featuring Wiz Khalifa. The song also featured O.T. Genasis. Officially coming from popular DJ Holiday. You can listen to the song below and also share your thoughts.

Love To Smoke

On this song, you will be able to know why Wiz Khalifa love doing what he likes doing. Normally Wiz Khalifa is a well-known smoker and in this song, he shared more about his smoking lifestyle. You can listen to it on YouTube.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is one of the songs Wiz Khalifa shared after his notable effort last year. Of course, it’s a follow-up to Love To Smoke which we mentioned above. “Even out the country they know what it is,” he raps. “‘Bout to start up another business / Talking to the moon, manifesting visions.”

Paris Fashion Week

So many ways to make music and video. In this one titled Paris Fashion Week, Uncle Wiz Khalifa had to show his fashion style while on his Paris trip. It’s quite an interesting one and the video has been trending expected.

Don’t Text Don’t Call

When you hear Wiz Khalifa and “Don’t Text Don’t Call,” then you should also think of his rap godfather Snoop Dogg. Don’t Text Don’t Call is a collaborative song from the due for their upcoming film, High School Reunion.

Little Do They Know

Wiz Khalifa is living the life in the music video “Little Do They Know”. Shot by Braden Walker, the clip follows the rap superstar’s recent excursion from NBA All-Star Weekend to his son Sebastian’s birthday bash.

This page is been updated, check back for more updates on Wiz Khalifa 2023 songs and features.