Nicki Minaj 2024 songs and features

Nicki Minaj 2024 Songs & Features

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We’re unsure if Nicki Minaj will drop a new album this year, but if she does, it’ll surely be a surprise. Regardless, Nicki Minaj’s 2024 songs and features have kicked off their journey here on Aswehiphop.

Since the inception of Aswehiphop’s top compilations, released annually, it’s rare not to see Nicki Minaj making an appearance on our top list. However, Nicki Minaj’s 2024 songs are a treat for die-hard fans.

Although it’s 2024, Nicki Minaj isn’t the first female rapper to be featured as the first female rapper with a compilation on Aswehiphop. Doja Cat achieved that after being featured on 21 Savage’s 2024 project, American Dream.

Check out Doja Cat’s 2024 songs and features, but Nicki Minaj isn’t backing down. Last year, she shared the album Pink Friday 2, added to her 2023 compilation.

So, what’s up with Nicki Minaj’s 2024 songs list? Pretty cool that in January, Nicki Minaj collaborated with Future on a new song called Press Play, also available on YouTube. Check the list below for Nicki Minaj’s 2024 songs and features.

Nicki Minaj 2024 Songs & Features

  • Bigfoot
  • Press Play

Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion are not finding it funny since both have decided to be on a different sideline. Big Foot, is a diss track aimed at Megan Thee Stallion after the WAP co-rapper released Diss track “Hiss” which was reportedly for Nicki Minaj. You can listen to Big Foot.

On January 13th of this year, Nicki Minaj and Future released a song called Press Play, marking their first collaboration in 2024. Nicki Minaj is the second female rapper Aswehiphop is compiling for her 2024 songs and features, with updates to come.