Latto 2024 songs

Latto 2024 Songs & Features

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Joining the ranks, Latto has made it to the 2024 songs and features compilation list. Surprising as it may be, Latto has already contributed to a couple of songs this January.

Making her debut in Aswehiphop’s 2024 Top List, Latto stands out as the sole female rapper with two features as of January 26th. Other female rap artists, including Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat, also grace the list, with Doja Cat being the first featured female rapper this year.

Stay tuned for updates on Latto’s 2024 songs and features compilation, and be sure to check back for her latest songs, videos, and more. Below, explore her new features, singles, album, and more.

Latto 2024 Songs and Features

  • Sunday Service
  • Special
  • Can’t Get Enough (Feat.)

Latto on Aswehiphop Top Compilation is something you will like to see more. Anyway, are you still on the page where we are compiling Latt’s 2024 songs and features. Today (9th) she released a new song called “Sunday Service”, a track which also takes a shot at Ice Spice.

Another notable feature is Special, a track from Lyrical Lemonade’s All Is Yellow album featuring the voices of Swae Lee and Amine. Latto, with two features as of January 26th, stands as the leading female-featured rapper in 2024.

Jennifer Lopez decided to spice things up with the remix of her hit song Can’t Get Enough, featuring the dynamic force of Latto. Released earlier this month by the I’m Into You singer, the remix showcases Latto as the best rapper for the song.