The Game and Eminem

Wack 100 Confirms The Game Is Going At Eminem On His Next Single

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Wack 100 keeps on giving The Game pros and notoriety with viral gimmicks. Not the first time Wack 100 tagging The and Eminem. His latest one is something interesting.

If you don’t know much about Eminem and the Compton rapper, you can visit this, to know how The Game and Young Thug weren’t folks who believes in Shady. It is 2022 and The Game can’t resist mentioning Em both Wack 100 has also been of help as well.

Wack‘s latest appearance on Clubhouse has shown The Game has something in mind to get off his chest using an upcoming single. We have no idea if it’s a diss track he is referring to. Though from his deep reputation, Wack said the black shady is coming and that nigga should be ready.

“this n*gga finna start another fire… the black Slim Shady is coming… that n*gga better be ready”. When asked if he meant that The Game was coming for Eminem on the song, he said “he coming like a motherf*cker”, wack said when asked about Game’s next single.

Wack previously talked about 50 Cent’s What’s Up Gangsta song. He claimed The Game wrote the song when they were still G-Unite.

Earlier last month, The Game claimed he is better than Eminem. He wants rap verzuz with Eminem. That same month he regretted dissing Jay-Z, The Game also said Kanye has done what Dr Dre couldn’t do for him in two weeks. The Game has been going front and back since this year.

Wack 100 has confirmed Game is working on new single probably going to aim at Eminem. The name the song has not been made public on the release date.