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The Game Regrets Old Jay-Z Bars “You 38 and you Still Rapping”

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The Game has said a lot lately. Not only Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West and Dr. Dre have heard their from the Compton rapper since this month. The Game interview

If you watch or listen to his newest 2022 interview with Drink Champs, then it’s obvious Game has those rappers he so muchly respect and those he has downgrade recently.

Since he confirmed that Kanye West has done what Dr Dre couldn’t do for him in two weeks, he also added that he is fit to take Eminem on Verzuz.

He Drink Champs also reflect on his cooperation with 50 Cent. However, The Game while making sure he say out what is in his mind, he noted some the wrong he wouldn’t have said and one of then is his diss track against Jay-Z.

The Game’s song “It’s Okay (One Blood)” with Junior Reid has this line dissing Hov.

 “What DJ gon’ turn down the thirty-eight snub? / You 38 and you still rapping? Ughhh / I’m 26, n***a, so is the dubs.”

Seems the 42-year-old rapper is now having a change of heart on those famous bars which were aimed at Jay-Z at the time.

“At 42 n***** be like ‘you too old to gang bang’ oh you must not know how we do,” he said before he was confronted by one of the hosts that he was the one who said 36 was too old to be a rapper.

“Ye I f***k up, that was too early, that came from a young n*****,” he admitted age-shaming in the past. “When I was 26 and talking about a n**** who is 38 I never thought that day would come,” he added.