Travis Scott's Astroworld Lawsuits: Most Cases Settled, Except One

Travis Scott’s Astroworld Lawsuits: Most Cases Settled, Except One

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Travis Scott‘s Astroworld lawsuits have reached a significant milestone. In the aftermath of the 2021 festival, 10 people tragically died, and that was what led Travis to this point.

Out of the 10 wrongful death cases filed against the rapper and his associated companies. All has been settled confidentially. Except one.

However, This development brings some closure to the legal battles surrounding the disaster. Let’s delve into it on Aswehiphop.

One Lawsuit Still Pending…, Details On Aswehiphop 

According to a recent report by ABC News on May 8, 2024. Only one case remains unresolved.

Also, This last pending lawsuit is from the family of 9-year-old Ezra Blount…

Who was the youngest person to lose his life during the concert?

But, The other cases, including one that was set to go to trial this week, have all been settled.

Despite recent settlements. Travis Scott and Live Nation still face significant potential liabilities. Just exactly last month…

A judge denied Travis Scott’s motion to be dismissed from the Astroworld lawsuits. District Judge Kristen Hawkins issued the ruling without explanation. Which eventually allowed the civil suits to proceed.

It was also revealed that. If found they were to be found liable. Travis Scott and Live Nation, could be ordered to pay billions of dollars in damages to the victims.

However, Scott’s legal team maintains that the event organizers and venue staff should be responsible for fans’ safety.

Travis Scott’s Defense In This On-Going Lawsuit

Travis Scott’s attorneys have argued that. The rapper should not be held liable for safety measures during the festival.

More to this, His lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli. Emphasized that artists are not responsible for concert safety measures. Or venue security protocols.

Petrocelli also noted that. When concerns about the risk of a stampede arose during festival planning. Travis Scott agreed to remove certain rides and attractions from the site to reduce risk.

Additionally, Scott and his team followed directions to end the show when instructed.

While Travis Scott remains a part of the legal proceedings. Other parties such as…

Drake has been dismissed from the plaintiff’s claims.

Judge Hawkins approved Drake’s request to be removed from the suits. And this is because he was not involved in planning the event.

On the other hand, companies like…
Apple Inc., Scott’s Cactus Jack Enterprises. And LaFlame Enterprises had their requests dismissed and denied.

As Travis Scott’s Astroworld lawsuits have mostly been settled. Thereby providing some closure for the victims’ families.

One stands out, and the legal battles for Scott and Live Nation continue. While the legal process proceeds…

All eyes remain on the final outcomes and potential court-ordered damages.