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6ix9ine Strip Club Assault _ Court Orders him to pay $10 Million

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Rapper “6ix9ine” has been ordered to pay a total sum of $10 million  for the alleged strip club assault, which led him to be facing some court  trials.

The victim of the assault  happened to the Alexis Salaberrio, and on Wednesday (Nov. 22), Judge Robert T. Watson has declared a judgment ordering  him to pay Alexis Salaberrios the total sum of $10 million.

Meanwhile,  6ix9ine did not show up at the court to defend  the judgment and that could the reason  why the judgment  was passed and now he has only 10 days to make every transfer that is necessary  to Alexis Salaberrios.

Following Alexis Salaberrios statement concerning the incident that actually happened at the club, same stated that the rapper “6ix9ine” hit her a bottle  that caused her to sustain  a head injury.

Meanwhile,  a further investigation was made concerning the situation, and it happened  that an unidentified person called the rapper a rat from the crowd of people in the club, and the rapper threw a bottle whi them hit Alexis Salaberrios and wounded her severely.

6ix9ine has really been facing  some assault charges this year, sometime last month, he was also charged to court after he assaulted two record producer who were working  with his girlfriend in the studio, the rapper actually spent up to two weeks  behind bars before  he was released  after paying $500,000.

The Rapper has really  spent a lot of money in court cases this year amd this time and he is still going  to pay a total sum of $10 million to Alexis Salaberrios for assault.

Meanwhile, the rapper has not really said anything  about the judgment that was passed by Judge Robert T. Watson  despite the fact that they gave him just 10 day to make the payment.