Kylie and Travis break up 2023

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Are Not Together Again

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Is Kylie and Travis Scott together again. Well, 2023 is now changing the narrative of this loving couple. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have broken up again.

It’s not a surprise because fans believe that this is not the first time of Kylie hanging up rappers or rapper dumping Kylie. Of course, Tyga can be counted as one of these rappers who have into the business of Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner 2023 break-up was reported from US Weekly, and that was just yesterday. The media outlet noted that parties are not together anymore. They went on separate ways since after renewing their romance back in February of 2020.

Kylie and Travis break up 2023

Meanwhile, the last time they rekindled the romance was in 2020, which lasted to date. Their 2023 split happened just after spending the holidays apart. But they’ll ‘always remain rriends’.

“Kylie and Travis are off again, they were supposed to spend the holidays together, but she went to Aspen to be with her family and friends up there,” the insider says of the former couple. “This has happened so many times before, they’re known to be on again off again, but always remain friends and great coparents.”

Both are now on different sides of romance. So far, there is no Travis Scott dating or Kylie Jenner dating as well. They are giving themselves time. As Kylie Jenner’s side, she stays with their 4-year-old daughter. Kylie, from her recent post on Tiktok, she was seen enjoying other parts of her life with her little one sledding.

Kylie and Travis break up is not affecting their parating status. Both are living their two kids they it should be. There have never been any rough as regards child support or something else. Their second child was welcomed back in February 2023. This made theme to be one the celebrities that welcomed babies in 2022.

Travis Scott last year, he didn’t release any album. But there was a compilation of Travis Scott 2022 songs and features that you might like to check out.