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Diddy Shares More New Photos of His New Baby

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This year some artists welcomed newborn babies. It’s really an amazing 2022 for some celebrities whom we are going to mention below. Diddy shares more new photos of his new baby. That was just after he announced the arrival of the baby a few weeks ago. While there have been more congratulatory to Puff, the rap mogul has doubled down with fresh photos.

Has been recorded that Diddy welcomed his 7th child in 2022 with a woman whose name is Dana Tran. It was actually a surprise that the traditional rapper welcomed the baby with a woman different because everyone was expecting it from City Girls’ Yung Miami. Yung Miami was once in a relationship with Diddy meanwhile when the new baby arrived thoughts were said to be Yung Miami was the mother.

However, Dana Tran is the mother of Diddy’s 2022 baby, Love Sean Combs. Today you will be see the baby’s full face as shared by ‘Gotta Move On’ rapper. This Christmas was a blessing to him and his family. He told his time making sure the Internet witnessed it by sharing Love Sean Combs new photos on Instagram. Check out below.

Love Sean Combs photo
Diddy’s 2022 Baby Love Sean Combs
Diddy shares new photos of Love Sean Combs baby
Diddy and Baby

Celebrating Christmas while moving into 2023 with his next plans, Diddy also shared more photos of the baby but this time with his children. Below are photos of Diddy with his family. They wore identical outfits for Christmas. The first photo shows the rapper carrying his newborn baby with Dana Tran. Check out and swipe left for more.

It has been a very good year for Diddy. Though he might have not joined Aswehiphop 2022 top compilations, at least the rapper still exits with new songs and videos. You might also want to watch his Rick Ross new video which was released on December 11th.

Diddy and his son are readying new projects respectively. Though the rapper promised to start 2023 with more songs to his previous release like ‘Gotta Move On’ and ‘Sex In The Porsche.’

Same this year, some beautiful couples that welcomed new babies include Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. You can check out their new baby photos here. Big Sean and Jhene Aiko shared their firstborn baby.

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